Dromedary Tour

Dromedary Tour (From 299 $)

Program Sequence

The desert hike starts in Amezrou near Zagora and leads through the Hamada (stone desert) Faija. A lunch break is taken in the shade of an acacia tree. After this we continue to the foot of Djebel Bani. There the bivouac will be set up for the night. There is a well not far away.

The second day leads through the mountain formation Djebel Bani. You cross different wadis. From time to time one encounters local nomads, Berbers and Tuareg who are on the move. At the end, a small oasis awaits you for the night.

On the third day you will hike through the Hamada. After midday you reach the sand dunes. There you will spend the last night under the starry sky in the “Tausend Sterne” hotel.

After breakfast you will be picked up and driven back to your starting point in Amezrou.


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