Camel Trekking Along The Atlantic Coast​

Camel Trekking Along The Atlantic Coast​​​​​​ (From 1049 $ )

Program Sequence

Arrive in Marrakech, transfer to 3-star hotel in the Medina. overnight stay

Today you will get to know Marrakech. You will visit the old town and see a variety of architecturally important buildings, including the Koutoubia Mosque, the former Koranic school “Medersa Ben Yussef”, the former El Badi Palace, which is particularly striking due to the many storks nesting on its walls, also the Palais Bahia, a 19th-century sultan’s palace with impressive interiors and gardens. The old town is surrounded by an impressive wall that is 12 kilometers long. In the center of the old town is the souk, a labyrinth of small streets, mostly covered, with small shops selling everyday goods and souvenirs. The deeper you go into the souk, the more traditional and original it becomes. In the artisan districts, the tanners, coppersmiths, shoemakers, woodcarvers, Potters and other artisans their wares. You can watch them at work in many workshops. Dyers’ Alley is the main attraction. Brightly colored wool hangs above the street to dry, a colorful picture. Probably the most famous square in Marrakech is Djemaa El Fna. The incomparable oriental atmosphere is appreciated by tourists and locals alike. There is a lot of hustle and bustle all day long, which reaches its climax in the evening. Then more than a hundred stands are set up where culinary specialties are freshly prepared. Snake charmers, magicians, Arabic storytellers, acrobats and fire eaters perform. Traditional music and spicy scents create an atmosphere straight out of the Arabian Nights. We recommend you to enjoy the evening on this square.

Drive to Essaouira (approx. 170 km), the city of wind and light. The main industries of the city are fishing (mainly sardines and sea eel) and tourism, whereby mainly tourists from Moroccan cities come to relax, but more and more Europeans are also discovering this wonderful place. The medina bears witness to centuries of history, the Hispano-Moorish style houses resemble the white villages of Andalusia. At the fishing port you can have fresh fish prepared in simple open-air restaurants. The city is the center of Moroccan handicrafts, inlaid wood and painting are famous. Overnight stays in riads or 3-star hotels

Transfer to the starting point of the camel trekking, welcome by the escort team and the camels. In the following days, you can ride a camel or hike along the partially untouched Atlantic coast. We hike right on the beach, through small villages or along the cliffs. Hiking duration daily between 4 – 6 hours. Overnight stay either in a tent or in the open air in the “Tausend Sterne” hotel.

Camel trekking ends in Imessouane. Transfer back to Marrakech and overnight in the riad.

If required, transfer to the airport or individual onward stay.


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