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 was born in southern Morocco and live in Germany. I come from a Berber family. My grandparents were still nomads. We have turned their experience with the people and animals of the desert, the High Atlas Mountains and the organization of their lives as well as their connection to nature into a profession. For years we have been organizing desert tours, camel safari desert hikes, hiking trips, hiking holidays, trekking trips, adventure trips, Morocco through what is probably the most beautiful part of the Moroccan desert with the wonderfully refreshing oases and the world-famous highest dune for tourists from all over the world. I continue this tradition from Germany.

Together with my family, my partners and a proven support team, I organize and guide camel trekking and 4×4 tours in the Sahara, as well as mountain trekking and jeep tours to all areas of Morocco’s diverse natural landscapes.

Important principles of all organized tours are the careful treatment of nature and that the income from tourism benefits the region. All equipment and food is therefore obtained exclusively from local farmers and craftsmen. The focus of the trips is getting to know nature, culture and the way of life of the people with respect. Away from mass tourism and off-road vehicle tracks, we offer intensive contact with nature and a genuine insight into life under desert conditions.

speak Tamazight as my mother tongue, Arabic, French, English and German. My family and I look forward to sharing our diverse traditions with you and showing you the most beautiful parts of Morocco. Share your wishes with us!!

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