Morocco Women’s Trip : Marrakech-Essaouir​

Morocco Women's Trip : Marrakech-Essaouir​​​​ (From 900 $ )

Program Sequence

Upon arrival at Marrakech airport, you will be warmly greeted by the guide and transferred to your riad. Dinner and overnight in the riad.

After breakfast drive to Essaouira. The blue city on the Atlantic, the former Portuguese fortified city, is beautifully situated overlooking the present island of Mogador. In the afternoon, a stroll through the local souks is on the agenda. You experience the special atmosphere of the city of artists and musicians. Annually, during the month of June, a music festival takes place. The city is also known for the very valuable Thuja wood products.

This day brings you two wonderful experiences from the everyday life of the Moroccan woman. In the morning you go to a hammam, you get massages with olive oil paste, body peeling. An oriental cleansing that lets you relax completely thanks to the soothing warmth. A Moroccan mint tea is served at the end. In the afternoon you will experience a special ceremony, which usually introduces all festivities, such as births, weddings or other happy occasions. You are at home with Moroccan women and can choose your personal henna tattoo. The henna afternoon is accompanied by folklore.

In the morning you accompany the Moroccan family to the souk (market). Everything is bought there in order to prepare a delicious meal together. Shopping in the souk lets you experience the everyday life of Moroccan women, which takes place in the same way. Bargaining at the market, looking for fresh produce, strolling through the souk with all its distinctive smells and sounds. They cook together in the so-called tagines, which are conically shaped terracotta steamers filled with delicious fresh seasonal vegetables, plus beef, lamb, fish or chicken. An introduction to Moroccan spices and herbs and their use in the various dishes completes our cooking class. Afterwards, the prepared food is enjoyed together

You drive back to Marrakech. Also called the red pearl of Morocco. You are again in a riad, located in or on the medina. You have some time to review what has happened so far. In the evening you walk to Jamaa el Fnaa, the unique place in Africa. Experiencing the square after dark is an absolute must when in Marrakech: the lighting, the food stalls that set up in the late afternoon, the smell

of the grilled, the soft drums that envelop the place all day long. This place enchants during the day and unfolds again in the evening.

You drive to the Ourika Valley, about 30 km away from Marrakech, a very nice excursion that lets you immerse yourself in the scenically beautiful nature. Ourika is also known for its rocks that are hewn there to build and decorate the houses. There is a large square where the locals have many food stalls and in the morning the tagines are there on the fire and simmering.

On the last day in Morocco/Marrakech you will visit the sights of the old royal city, which is definitely a highlight of this trip. You will discover the majestic silhouette of the famous Koutoubia Mosque, the 16th century Saadien Tombs and the Bahia Palace, seat of the great Vizier ba Ahmed. After a lunch break, which you can use either to relax in the riad or to visit one of the many restaurants around Galukler Square, in the afternoon go to the souks, the tanners, the dyers, the babushches and the blacksmiths. The souks of Marrakech are a large, networked collection of bazaars, small alleys, bustling vendors who often offer their wares loudly. The end of this tour is then at the famous square, where you can drink freshly squeezed orange juice, right in the middle of the square and experience this atmosphere during the day.

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